Early Music

I have boxes of tapes and cd's to go through to find stuff...

Have really only started...

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1979 I'm 16 and playing Lead Player in Pippin. I'm the guy whos trying to get pippin to burn himself
and belting over the choir. Trapped but happy. Nice.
Finale of Pippin

:1980: I'm 17 years old and the lead in the  highschool musical. Even then I wasn't very into singing, but
when boy meets girl, boy loses girl and is sad, I sang this ballad I wrote. (Lyrics by Barb McColl)   Something New

I went off to music school in toronto and studied sax with Pat Labarbara.

1982: Ajazz session with Hugh  Fraser on Piano.   Kerry Galloway on Bass, and Brian Prat Johnson on drums...
Dave Essler on trumpet. (I'll try to find better copies. There's lots of hiss)

Running  from a  Closing Mind

1983: : Tad from Idle Eyes came by for the weekend...he left some old recordings... (1984?) of a gig we played at a club where someone had been shot a week before... Here's Lost in Lima. The singer is Donna from Australia...she was great. I'm playing sax.          Lost in Lima Lost in Lima

same gig from way back. this men at work tune was our top forty cover of choice in those days. I think this might have been my first gig with them, because it sounds like I barely know the song... good effort though...           who can it be now whocanitbe

1984: And here's another...I was about 19 then but I practiced sax 9 hours a day...           Please Please

1985 was starting to record on the portastudio a lot. a soprano tune.

1986 Vancouver had Expo 86 so we made a childrens record called ' Vancouver Childrens Songs'
We sold out our 1000 copies with no middle men... I worte about 70% of the album before Gord Durity
came in and wrote the rest. Carla Smith did the female vocals and Brian Black did the male. Renee Eaton sang
phantom and Hurley Burley.

Octopus Banquet
Granville Island

Harvey Hollybus
Boats In The Harbour
Great Stanley Park Mystery
Phantom and Hurley Burley

1987 With the relative success of the childrens album (I made a profit in the thousands) I made several
albums as a producer for people.
Heres a song from Chris Catalanos Album ...