Here's my music background .

I will collect a bunch of my early albums and recordings here..

But for now I may be bloggin music.. 

: You have to have quicktime 6 or greater (I'm using mpeg 4 compression) 

installed to hear this stuff...(it's free!)

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Music Blog from 2003-04 !

New December '05  check my tests of a realtime harmonizer

My Music Blog from 2006

Improvised Choral Music.
Seeing as choirs have traditionally been uh, more than one person, the notion of improvising choral music has
probably never been attempted. As a result of cool new vocal harmonization tech, it's now possible. Most of these entries are attempting
such a thing. Granted it's still difficult but as far as I know no-one has ever tried this before,enjoy....

<>Meme of the Day July 1 2006 Virus in your ear.

All the Things You are: june 1 2006 A standard. Turn up your system volume I mixed too low. You may hear elevator music
but I hear harmonic challenge. Complex changes in this sucker.

Give me money May 1 I think I have issues. People dont really think you can play music unless you make a lot of money at it.
This song made me laugh out loud when I heard it back. I really am recording an album of songs well and selling it.
pre-order to make me believe it's worth it

SEND MONEY: I don't know if you heard about the guy who is trading a paper clip for a house, but I want to be the guy
who people sent money to because he made up a random song on the spot, and thought
people would be more impressed if he got a lot of money for doing it.

Bill Meikle
Box 269
Brackendale B.C.

Masque April 25 I really have to stop using this vocal synthesizer. It just feels good to sing into. Like
a valley with a good echo. 

NOHUM April 15 2006 ok this is really just a test to see if i finally killed the annoying high pitched hum with $100 of new shielded cables. Of course


the music box is still a really loud win box that sounds like a blender...

<>20thcentury  April 8 2006 The stacks of 5ths came into classical music with Ravel and Debussey I think.

I heard them in some haunting music from a choir in yugoslavia. Sting likes them. You always hear them
in the french horn part in anything triumpant.

Sebastion April 7 2006 On the day in question


Descending songs April 1 2006  This is just me playing with at least 5 songs that have descending bass lines that fit well
will the algorhythmic harmonization. Either the keys are used up by me because I'm choosing the notes the choir plays,
or (like here) an algo makes the chords...

Carmanah  march 26 ok I was playing with the presets in the harmonizer and I remembered this carmanah song I wrote for a
benifit in about 89 or so. This version is pretty rough, I have a better one around somewhere. I mean I was right in that
this aeolian mode patch works great with the tune but the chorus for example is supposed to be WAY BIGGER and
really the whole thing needs pretty glossy production compared to what's there. Carmanah was an ancient forest they were trying
to save. Giants in the Earth.

Blogging in song  march 24 .  a pretty bad attempt at doing a blog entry in song. Addendum: I dont think that's so bad. It's one of the
best things here, really. A pretty through-composed improvisation. I mean I want to pretend that most takes work out this well, and keep
rhyming and going for 6 minutes, but really no. A lot of them I just can't find the next lyric. If my goal is to evolve an improvised freestyle
synthesized choral music than this is closer.

Doo wap march 23 dont you think that it is nice doing doo wap with this device.

Alien march 22 another radio play in garageband. I threw this one away but dug it out when I heard the female voice
by me. Funny.

Going Trombone March 21 2006 rap lessons. 

<>World Beyonde Their Eyes  March 20 2006  this is nt bad. Its such a simple song, I wrote it in like 1983 for a concept album
with lots of upbeat tunes. This was the slow antidote. I mean its jagged like crazy the way I aranged it, all elbows and knees, but that's better
than getting too smooth...(this is starting to remind me of a jam session where they go around the room and
each guy leads a tune...on nights like that that go on for hours I remember dozens of tunes I wrote and did nothing with...)

Dusty_Mirror  March 16 2006 I travelled to africa for about a year in all during the '80s. At one point I played in a raggae band in Nairobi
called Mpenda Moja (one love)  and I'd go out to the slums of matare valley and hang with the drummer george. What a nasty
place... there were green flowing open sewer ditches running down the pathways between shanty shacks. My wife was at home
in med school becoming a doctor. I wrote this tune in my tent at Mama Roache's. I guess I was in a pretty negative mood. I really mean to
record this better with some drums, but I'm just slamming scratches down here in case I dont get back to it...

Fennario March 6 2006  An old folk song I remembered a couple verses of. I was a literate musician way too early, I find the memorization of 

tunes hard...I can always fake along by ear though... 

Rough March 5 2006 I  was watching vlog soup and  he said he like a blog that left the mistakes in. This is just me practicing. I start out with a 

vocal jazz try at 'autumn leaves' then a bit of 'misty' and 'fire and rain' before it goes into a funny song about 1 4 and 5 chords. 

(the one chord being tonic, being home) Listening back to this I think it's noteable in how funny it is that I forget the words 

in all songs. The mistakes are the only interesting thing here. 

March 1 2006  

     1iskindafun2  one is kind of fun too. I was in a totally grim mood because my hard drive crashed and I can't 

record music anymore except in garageband on the new intel mac, and really it's a toy. But just getting a rif going 

got me feeling much happier...

feb 26    yearbook   I started on a really interesting piece of classical music but fell into this. I think I need to 

prove to myself that I can play guitar music without a guitar. 

feb 25 animal farm

feb 24 2006:  Garage band sound effects. 

feb 23 2006: Renaissance  That Leonardo tune made me think of another tune I wrote a while back, I think 

while I was working as a truck driver. I guess back then I believed a renaissance would occur because 

of an amazing new system called the internet. Little did I know what a spam delivery system it would be! 

feb 20 I got to think critically about this audience. 

feb 19 2006 American Pie I want to learn this song. It has a ton of verses. I make a mistake in the first one

and give up by the third. Still an acapella choir version might sound good...

feb 16 2006 Leonardo OK it's about 15 years ago and I'm in Thailand and I notice that "Starry Starry Night" 

that song about vincent van gogh is playing in every cafe I'm in. So I try to write my own version  called

'leonardo'...I really should record it better with instruments and such but this is the song I wrote back then. 

(there is another verse I just have to look it up) 


wed feb 8 

Dost Thou Rock? I always found it difficult to do rock music as a one man band because 

I dont play guitar. With this garage band guitar rif I could get some of that out of my system. 

 mon feb6

A sound check. I'm trying to boost the quality of my audio signal. I tried to make 

a track with no pops, with no tuning issues (ok the word 'knee' has an issue) that 

would play without cracking up the signal on most speakers. Also the compression 

I pulled back. Things just sound too muffled.. Boy garageband mixes hot! I mean  I'll 

bet 80% of people turn their sound down when they play those tunes from jan jan 28 ,29

and they just used the native settings...

sun feb 5

playing with call and response .

Feb 1

Heat pump jingle 

this is a jingle for geothermal heatpumps.  replace your oil furnace with a heat pump. 

Jan 31. 

    strange clouds 

(remix for an 03 groove)

Jan  30 

4 minute version of a tune called sillyB from the 2003 blog 

with extremely pollysyllabic but stupid rap in the middle.

Jan 28 

More fun out dancing in the garage. 

Jan 27 

Handidote .   This is me playing the hands and  having fun in garage band. 

Jan 26

Its an old friend of mine pete who wrote the code that became the voiceworks and its become 

a bit of a problem, because I should probably make it sound good. (not just anguished)  

 Today I was thinking how the eagles do great male harmonies, and a roadtrip or 2 I played 

on the prairies(really I spent only a few months on the road in total but it makes an easy song) 

. I mean its still just improvised but at least its physically correct(no wrong notes) . 

   My wife listened to the slow version and I thought I could at least suck her in with it but no

she didnt like it. OK its pretty awful. Still it fills certain rules I set out to meet, even if it totally 

lacks a spark. 

So here it is faster I really fall into a mold of songwriters who dont think at all about the performance.

Thats someone else's job i guess...Faster it works better, but it is a musical platitude. 


Jan 25: 

what instument do you play? 

I play the acappella choir . 

Jan 24: 

Realtime Filters are taking over my life! 

I  just got a new mac and PHOTOBOOTH is an app that ships with it.

It does realtime visual manipulation of your image. 

And the harmonizer does realtime manipulation of the audio signal.  


Jan 22 

Transpired on the web I got keyboard input to work! Now I'm not stuck in an algo but can play anything I want. the only reason I kept this test was the way I harmonized the title line. Son non key of C! 

I think its going to be fun again . This is another fear of the election song 

(canada is about to vote) I think I should better learn to accept polar oscillation as healthy and normal. 

Jan 21 

StephenHarperDreams mp3 format 182k. I did it again. That last one had the lead turned off 

Jan 18. 

StephenHarperDreams mp3 format 182k.

Jan 17

I made a tune out of samples from this site 

My buddy gord sent me this made out of the hand thing above. 

Jan 16

well this is odd . First I improvised some bach-ish keyboard (a track in which I both forgot if I was 

recording, and forgot I was playing the keyboard, started thinking about something else) 

then I put vocals over it in one pass.I keep singing about how the two parts aren't going to fit 

when really they harmonically overlapped pretty well. I've started to think my subconscious might 

be a better player than me... text 

Jan 15

Working with some really thick cluster harmonies and thinking of raga in india. Of course indian msic doesnt have harmony 

in terms of chords...but that's what allows them to explore such interesting melodic spaces. 

jan  13

             Man  does the engineering side of music get me down. Really its one of the only disciplines where I trust my 

intuitions pretty deeply,  I just wanna play, thinking really messes me up. But AGAIN my music system bit me . I cant

record  right now, the computer seems to have a corrupted driver so the audio in I can get is from the built in mic. 

(rather than say my mixing board) ...To spite all gremlins that attack me   I  offer a blog entry anyway . 

This is me playing hand flute. .I learned the skill while hitchiking on cold days. You probably know someone 

who can whistle a few notes with their hands. I practice scales and arpeggios. 

The bright shiny tune is a desperate act of levity in a world that is dark. It has rained for 26 days straight and my gear has broken down in 3 ways.   I  bright shiny days . 

Jan 11 2006

The second tune tries a little harder. It tries to fill out a pop form while still be pretty darn out there. (no drums!)

When the final chorus comes in, after the tune has totally broken down, a certain expectation of what a tune is, what 

a form is becomes reassured and soothed. 

On an earlier day I recorded something so long and bad I am saving it up. 

I pulled this tune out of it to prove to myself that it actually contains a lot 

of improvised songs, this one about how hard it is to keep in time when you are being the 

band and the choir and making up the music and lyrics as you go. 

I have a real interest in realtime music creation. I can see a day when some guys just get up and play live for

half an hour every day. Maybe if I go back to music school or practice a lot....

Jan 10: but of course the first thing I put up is an excuse. This Ralph Steadman rif suggest that a really really messy 

style is cool. Rather than practice and improve I justify.

Jan 1: Happy New Year. One of my resolutions is to keep playing music this year. 

To commit to the muse, assume positions in her servitude. Bow down to the muse. Let her torture you.