New fullscreen and skin playback in vrh.

In this doc we'll look at 3 things

fullscreen playback and creation

skin playback and creation

how to make qt player open your movie from a web page,
so it will show up fullscreen or skinned.

Fullscreen playback and creation

in vrh 2.0 you can watch any movie fullscreen, and save that into your movie.

to see it work open your movie then under 'view' choose 'movie info'

if you check that box you'll see this dialog


if you just press ok
you should jump into fullscreen
I find the panning very fast and smooth on some of today's new machines fullscreen.

to leave fullscreen press 'escape' on your keyboard. (top left)

to store that fullscreen setting into your movie you right now have to press 'apply'
in the movie info window.  

when you do a save and open your movie it will open fullscreen in qt player.

the other radio buttons and color picker in the dialog allow you to adjust the amount
and colour of your background.


vrh will open movies with fullscreen atoms in fullscreen
you will be able to use command keys to bring editing windows forward
and edit your movie fullscreen.
you won't have to hit apply to store your settings.

skin playback and creation

vrh has been able to make movies with skins for some time.

This is covered in the skins tool docs.

only in 2.0 did we add the ability to playback and edit the skinned movie though.

Just try that by opening a skinned movie in vrh. It will open skinned. If you use
the script window it will add actions to the skinned movie.


when you create a skinned movie in vrh it will automatically appear skinned. Right now you have
to save and reopen to see the skin.


how to make qt player open your movie from a web page ,
so it will show up fullscreen or skinned.

it's a bit ugly but we'll use this as out sprite. save it to your desktop.
(or make your own)


Now drag the sprite onto vrhotwires white window
and you'll see this dialog


we want to turn transparency off and press ok.

now under 'views' select the script window.

under the popup on the left choose 'On MouseDown Sprite

and you will get

On MouseDown Sprite ?


this is what we want

On MouseDown Sprite 1

      GoToURL "<>T<quicktimeplayer>"

end  can be any movie.

Press script to movie.

If you click on the sprite you will get a fullscreen movie in qt player. (the graphic says skin but the same applies either way...)
if you've got a movie that you've added fullscreen to, point to it in this way and it will open in qt player.