In this doc we'll look at xml in quicktime and
how you can access that with vrhotwires.

XML has become a standard means to capture and transmit
data in the last decade or so. It's simple hierarchical lists
seem to be a favorite way for current computer folks to
organize their data.

     When we think of web pages that are interesting to visit, they
are probably dynamic places...or places where the people on
the page interact. The xml list allows your movie to take on some
of these properties...

      I would add the disclaimer as I contine here that I am no expert
in xml or server side work. It's an important future direction for me.

but I can get you started:

here is an xml file

download the movie below and put it in the same folder as the xml file

open the movie locally and
Press 'Rss news feed'
and 'item' (item seems sticky)

you should see some text for each button press if you try it locally.

The important lines of code are

ListSetFromURL "rss.xml" ""

which looks for a text file called 'rss.xml' to load.

SpriteTrackSetVariableToString 88 theListGetElementValue[""]
 TextTrackPasteText Variable[88] 1 300 TrackIndex=2

We can set a variable to an item in the xml list as above.

then paste it into a text track like so.