Sydney Opera House Flash Spherical Video

Some shots are as much a personal story as a good shot. The opera house has been photographed thousands of time by others but it defied me. We were staying
 at manly and my idea was to shoot it from the manly ferry. The first ride over, I just scouted how the ferry went in. Perfect right by the opera house. So on the day
I was at David Connely's (shot soon) I got the right seat, but the ferry left before I was set up completely. I caught a bit, that's what you see here. Also I got a couple
of other shots that I've added on here. On another trip over, the ferry was full and I didn't get a good place to shoot. On the way back (after shooting the fish shots)
I got the perfect spot, and was set up in time! Then I learned a hard lesson. The ladybug/laptop power scheme will only work to about 35% charge. After that windows
crashes and I missed the shot again... The music here was from a great street act playing on the pier there called the Web.